Our Margaritas are some of the best margaritas in St. Louis.  Why, you ask?  Its the tequila!  Even our rail tequila is 100% Blue Agave imported from Jalisco, Mexico.  For aficionados, this is the  most important identifier on the label. %100 agave means the tequila is made only from the blue agave plant, with only agave sugars used for fermentation, and was approved by a government inspector to ensure purity.

100% agave also means no other sugar was used during fermentation to create the alcohol, so it has more body, flavor, and agave aroma.  Most importantly, it means no hangover!


Our Top Shelf Margaritas feature Tequila Somonque Reposado, which offers you crisp, clean, aged finish. Served in a frosted chalice rimmed with salt, our top self margaritas are simply the best you’ll find in St. Louis! We also carry tequila brands like Patron. And if tequila just isn’t you thing, we’ve got a full bar with lots of great mexican beers, cocktails, and other tempting libations.