Our Story

Acquired on February 2010 the Tower’s kitchen has taken a new step towards what is today one of St. Louis’s best Mexican Restaurants. Culinary repertoire and Mexican Gastronomy in terms of diversity of appealing tastes and textures makes the South of the border cuisine intense in flavors, challenging and desired by many, thru its rich content in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Most of us think Tacos, Quesadillas or enchiladas when Mexican comes to mind. These are just small characteristics of what our Restaurant has to offer. Our meals are crafted in a manner that fits and pleases most tastes. By using top quality meats and freshest ingredients,  The Tower’s pride is our customers satisfaction. Our goals are clear, ensuring that the customers that open our doors are welcomed and treated as family with respect and consideration in a safe and clean environment.

For a North of the Border outing that feels  like an international outing, spend some time at the Tower and let it become clear why this St. Louis favorite is regarded as”Autentico”.